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Graduate Online Writing Studio


Welcome to the Graduate Online Writing Studio! Our experienced and supportive writing consultants offer holistic writing consultations to hone your writing, reading, critical thinking, and research skills. In the Writing Studio, we teach you how to write to learn. In doing so, you will focus on areas such as brainstorming, outlining, and drafting with a focus on assignment learning outcomes. Specifically, we will show you how to think critically about your work, analyze resources, show evidence of learning, consider your audience, paraphrase, and much more.

We expect you to take an active role in the writing-to-learn process. Ideally, you will return each week to scaffold your learning and self-evaluate as you continue to use our resource. We invite you to explore the valuable learning resources on our website that we have curated especially for you. We look forward to helping you succeed in your academic and professional career.

To contact us, please email us at [email protected].

Now Let’s Get Started!

Writing Studio FAQs

How do I submit an assignment for review?

To request a writing consultation, attach your assignment and a completed Writing Consultation Request form to an email from your Keiser University email account and send it to [email protected] for assistance. Both documents must be in MS Word or PDF format.

What resources does the Writing Studio provide?

  • We offer writing consultations that focus on the big picture to help you learn. Here is a list of some of the questions we focus on when we review your work.
    • Did you address the assignment requirements?
    • Did you show evidence of learning that will help you become a better practitioner in your field?
    • Does the work flow and contain a beginning, middle, and end?
    • Are your paragraphs organized?
    • Does your paraphrasing indicate you understood the information you have read?
    • Have you synthesized information from multiple sources on the same topic to increase the validity of the findings?
    • Have you used credible sources?
    • Are you thinking critically about your audience when you write?
    • Does your analysis provide high-level conclusions that you have drawn based on your reading of texts?
    • Is your writing formal and scholarly?
    • Are your sentences fluent?
    • Do your APA section headings provide insight into each section of your work?
  • We will not judge you. The Writing Studio offers a safe space for you to make mistakes and grow as a scholarly writer and thinker.
  • We tell you what we think you are doing well, and provide suggestions for growth opportunities.
  • We collaborate with you to improve your work, but we do not correct mistakes.
  • We respond to your writing-related concerns and provide support.
  • We offer follow-up consultations via telephone and email as needed to ensure you successfully apply our recommendations as you see fit.
  • We ask you to invest time into the process to maximize your success.

What does the Writing Studio not provide?

  • We do not edit or “fix” your work.
  • We do not write on your work. We provide holistic feedback in a separate document that we will share with you.
  • We do not address every strength and weakness in your work.
  • We do not provide punitive feedback, such as correcting minor errors in your work. We expect students to use the APA Manual and free software such as Grammarly to resolve these issues.
  • We do not repeat the same feedback throughout an assignment.
  • We cannot help you with quizzes, tests, or comp exams.
  • We do not predict grades or discuss concerns about professors.
  • We do not provide consultation feedback on formatting a title page, citations, indentations, or other peripheral APA issues. You can find guidance on these rules on our website and in the APA Manual.

Do you write feedback on my assignment?

No. Writing consultants provide meaningful feedback on your work in a separate document called a Writing Studio Student Portfolio. The portfolio is a living document housed in a Microsoft OneDrive folder. Only the Writing Studio, you, and your professor have access to it.

Every time you use the Writing Studio, our team will share feedback on your work in your portfolio, which you can view at any time. This portfolio will remain with you throughout your time as a student at the university.

Our consultations will identify opportunities for growth and commend you for the progress you demonstrate. The feedback you receive will be supportive and intended to help you succeed in your academic and professional career.

Every time you return to the Writing Studio, we will review the feedback we provided during prior visits, so we can ensure you are learning the best practices we share with you. Each new consultation in the portfolio will address prior issues, if necessary, and seek to identify new learning opportunities. The portfolio helps us track your progress and work collaboratively with you to close the loop on the learning strategies we share with you.

How do I schedule an appointment with a writing consultant to speak with them after they send me feedback on my assignment?

If you have questions about feedback on a writing consultation, you can schedule a phone call with a writing consultant after they review your assignment.?When you schedule a phone consultation, please also specify the reason for the request in the box provided through the Bookings process, so we can prepare to assist you.?Please do not use the phone consultation process to check on the status of your paper.??To schedule a call, click the Microsoft Bookings calendar scheduler in your Writing Studio portfolio, locate the writing consultant’s name on the calendar, and select a date and time from their availability that fits your schedule.

What is my responsibility as a student?

  • Prepare your work for review by proofreading and revising it before sending it to us, so it arrives in the best possible condition. This step allows us to focus on areas where you truly need help.
  • Follow the submission procedures.
  • Read feedback from writing consultants and make improvements as you see fit.
  • Apply suggestions to your work. We will check on your progress when you return, so make sure you read the feedback and resources we share with you and apply the strategies. We will direct you to prior feedback we offered if we find that you have not applied it to your next assignment. This step ensures that you are making learning gains.
  • Use the resource frequently to build your skills.

How long will it take to receive advice from a writing consultant?

Return times vary from a few hours to four days (96 hours) during our busiest days. The length of time depends on the number of student requests in the queue ahead of you when you submit your request and the length of your document. We cannot predict return times. We make every effort to send you feedback as soon as possible. When you submit your work, you will receive an automated email reply that serves as confirmation. Please read it carefully to ensure you comply with our submission requirements.

Will my professor give me a penalty-free extension if I submit my assignment to the Writing Studio before it is due?

If students submit a completed assignment to the Graduate Online Writing Studio before the assignment’s due date, they will receive 24 hours to submit the assignment to their professor from the time they receive feedback from the Writing Studio. For example, a research paper is due Sunday at midnight. The student submits the assignment to the Writing Studio by their course deadline on Sunday at 11:00 p.m. The Writing Studio sends feedback to the student (and notifies the professor via the portfolio) on Monday at 10:00 p.m. The student receives until Tuesday at 10:00 p.m. to submit their work to their professor without a late penalty (24 hours after they receive feedback from the Writing Studio). If the student exceeds the 24-hour deadline after they receive their work back from the Writing Studio, the professor may enforce a late penalty.

How often can I use the Writing Studio?

You may use the Writing Studio as needed.?Submit one assignment, discussion post, or dissertation chapter at a time. After you receive feedback from us on one assignment and apply the strategies we share on your next assignment, you can submit a new request.

Since we are not an editing service, we expect you to take the feedback we provide and apply it to your existing assignment and other assignments before resubmitting an assignment or submitting a new assignment. This step allows us to verify the transfer of knowledge and focus on new lessons. Understanding that we focus on your long-term growth as a scholarly writer, we expect you to participate in the process by reflecting on your strengths and growth opportunities.

How will you share portfolio feedback with me?

After a writing consultant provides feedback in your Writing Studio portfolio, they will share the document with you and your professor via the Writing Studio’s Microsoft OneDrive. You will receive it via email as a view only SharePoint file. Only the recipients of the file will be able to open it. It will appear as a Word document once you click “Open” at the bottom of the message. You will find your most recent consultation feedback dated at the top of your portfolio. You must use your Keiser University email account. You will not be able to open your portfolio from any other email account. Please contact the Help Desk if you need technical assistance accessing the document.

Why does my professor have access to my Writing Studio portfolio?

We provide your professor with view-only access to your Writing Studio portfolio so they can read the suggestions we share with you and reinforce these lessons with you in class. The Writing Studio team collaborates with your professors to maximize your learning experience. Professors applaud students who use the Writing Studio as it demonstrates your dedication to learning.

I am getting good grades. Should I use the Writing Studio?

Yes! Most students who use the Writing Studio are earning good grades. Since most rubrics primarily assess course content, they do not necessarily correlate to your writing skills. In other words, a high grade in a course does not necessarily mean that you are a proficient writer. Every student can benefit from feedback on their writing. It will serve you well in your academic and professional career.

When is the Writing Studio available?

The Writing Studio is available seven days per week. Writing consultants work on a rotating basis throughout the day and evening, including weekends.

Am I required to incorporate all of the feedback from the Writing Studio?

No. You can apply feedback as you see fit based on your familiarity with your course, assignment, and professor. Writing Studio consultants do not have the expertise you do in your academic area, so we defer to students to make final decisions on their content.

What if I have a question about a writing consultant’s feedback?

You can schedule an appointment through Microsoft Bookings for a phone consultation. Please include the reason for your request. You can find the link to schedule an appointment in the auto reply email you receive when you submit your request and in your Writing Studio portfolio. Please wait to schedule a phone consultation until after you receive your portfolio back.

Will you review my entire assignment?

It depends. If we determine that you are repeating mistakes, we may stop after a certain number of pages and encourage you to apply our feedback to the rest of your work. Since we do not edit work, it would not make sense to repeat the same feedback on paraphrasing, organization, showing evidence of learning, etc.

Will I receive a good grade on my assignment if I use the Writing Studio

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee you a grade. Our goal is to provide you with meaningful and relevant feedback to help improve your learning experience. Most students who use the Writing Studio express satisfaction with our feedback and use our resource regularly.

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