Segregation of the waste and the trash is one of the most important rules that we have to follow when we live in a certain place or community. People are responsible of making the place a better place to live in. We are human beings that should follow some rules in order to live peacefully in this world. If we are going to do it, we were able to breathe fresh air and having a good living condition.  


As day passes by, a lot of people are throwing garbage and rubbish everywhere. We still don’t’ know if they are just very lazy to look for a bin or they are just stupid to throw it everywhere. We have many different ways to make a community a better place to enjoy it. We could start by knowing how to segregate our trash and rubbish. We need to sort them out, if they are biodegradable or non-biodegradable. You try to look for some information about how to segregate and what are the other ways of proper disposal in this website 

A lot of people now are complaining about the side effects of this. Most of the kids are vulnerable to different kinds of diseases cause by air and water pollution. Some people even throw their dirt to the river and even to the sea and beaches. When you go to public parks, you can see a lot of plastic cups and candy wrappers everywhere. 

If we are going to do it step by step and making the place a good place to share with then we could have some benefits like the following.  

IT CAN HELP US TO CLEAN MORE LAND SPACES: Garbage can occupy some land spaces in this world. Especially those plastics, and candy wrappers. They are not easily to be decomposed. It would take hundreds of years before they will be gone in this world. Burning them could cause a different effect to our environment. There could be the depletion of the ozone layer and the gases in this world will be more polluted.  

IT CAN LESSEN THE ECOLOGICAL PROBLEM AND POLLUTION: There are many kinds of pollutions on Earth. It includes water pollution, air pollution and even the noise pollution. Water pollution talks mainly about the dirt of the sea and other bodies of water. It shows how dirty and polluted the water could be in this world without doing anything to save it. Noise pollution talks about the high decibels sounds that we could hear everywhere. It could totally damage our eardrums because of too much loudness of the music. Lastly, the air pollution. This one, will focus more on the air that we breathe. Because of the dirty air, there are many possible things that may happen like inhaling gaseous elements and materials. It could make us hard to breathe fresh air and be able to poison our lungs and respiratory system.